The History of Tobacco Rolling:

Ladies and gentlemen, the history of tobacco rolling repeats itself:

Long before the commercial cigarettes were invented, people were rolling their own tobacco.
It is assumed that the tobacco plant was first discovered in America about 6000 years ago,
and smoking tobacco began about 5000 years later, by the Indians in North America.
They consumed tobacco by chewing or smoking in traditional rituals, and as a healing aid At first, smoking was accustomed as means to treat various diseases and pains such as muscle aches or headaches, but a few years later, joy became its preliminary objective.
The natives referred to the pipe used for smoking tobacco as a Tobago, and this word
inspired the English name tobacco.
The invention of paper in Chine, in 140 BC, brought about the commercialization of tobacco and the commercial cigarette packs.
Trying to decrease the number of smokers in the world, many countries raise taxes and make cigarettes more expensive.

This is how the trend of rolling tobacco began – it is cleaner, cheaper, and now that you have the Joy'Nroll rolling kit, it is also more convenient.